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This group has been established to provide in-depth details on a variety of topics pertaining to our website.

The content withing this group's discussion boards, forums, and sub-forums areas as well as any media content or resources linked to within our resources area are intended to assist visitors, registered members, clients, and all other interested parties with obtaining information related to our website, functions, and features.

The content within this group will be compiled in the following order...
  • An index of
    • Primary Categories within our website.
    • Description of the purpose or intended subject matter (per category).
  • At least one "Terms Of Service" (TOS) to cover the basics for which any SAAS or EULA conditions & agreements apply to all End-users by use of our website.
    1. A "Terms Of Service" (TOS) pertaining to Registered Accounts.
    2. A "Terms Of Service" (TOS) pertaining to Client Accounts
    3. A "Terms Of Service" (TOS) pertaining to Independent Promotions & Marketing Accounts.
  • A breakdown of how and where the above mentioned TOS applies to each account type within our domain.
  • Information on how registered account holders may apply for access to any additional website functions & features granted to accounts beyond the standard account of "End-user" and "registered account".
Once the above mentioned content is created within this group we will move into the following areas...
  • Submitted content guidelines.
  • Standard website features & functionality.
  • Proper use of our website features & functionality.
  • Links to further discussions related to these above mentioned topics in order to permit a better understanding of our website and community expectations.

This group (CMO INFORMATION) description, as well as a majority of all content within the forums are openly accessible to all visitors, however...

Some links to information related to any of the above mentioned information(s) may lead visitors to areas of our domain which require account registration in order to view or gain access to the content.