Registering An Account

The contents of this page will explain the steps necessary to registering an account on our website.

Registering An Account

To register with our website you need to be at least 18yrs of due to use of adult language, art, and mature subject matter(s).

Our website IS NOT to be used for uploading or sharing content such as pornography

To confirm the following:

1. That you have read this content.

2. You agree with these conditions.

To express that:

1. You will comply with the above expectations.

2. You will not post Pornography.

Please enter "IAGREE" (all one word) in the Registration Code input box, at the time of registering your account.

This requirement also assists in minimizing unwanted spam, bots, and other forms of abuse from taking place within our website.

The code requirement will remain until such time that we have enough content moderators to safely remove the added layer of security provided by it's presence.

More information related to Acceptible Content & Posting Guidelines can be found in our Terms Of Service, enquired through the use of our contact us form, and discussed further within our "User Expectations & Guidelines" Group.
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    Jun 28, 2020
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