I Keep Seeing Permission Error Pages?

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Congratulations on taking the time to check out our FAQ area.... And a Double congrats if you have come to this area of our domain by clicking the link on our error page. We're not going to lie, we set up our domain so that most people only see the error, and then move on, without reading the error. Sucks to be them.

At the time of compiling this document, our website does not have a high level of traffic, and we do not have a major need for staff to do much of any content moderation. However, we hope this will change soon enough, as well as in time needing staff members that know our website, rules, functionality, and features well enough to assist live, rather than having to depend on the FAQ archives.

Assuming you have the interest to read the "PERMISSIONS" section of our FAQ, you may find that you are a bigger part of the domain than you were before you started.

With that said....

You will only ever see an error page on our website for one of two Reasons:
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Apr 25, 2014
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