Why can't I post as a guest?

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OK, so you may have spotted the big Notice on our main page when you arrived, if not we've added it here. It looks just like this:

If you posted as a guest, and it has not been at least three months since you did so, then you're IP is prohibited from doing anything around here.

Odds are you're not even able to read this. Sucks to be you.

Guest posts earn an automatic 90 day IP-Ban. The good news is that you receive notice in the event that your account is suspended in any way, and in most cases you may still log in, but you will have to CONTACT US to address your account status.

We do this for spam control purposes, if you are human and share links by accident before your account has been granted the green light to do so, CONTACT US, and we'll get that sorted for you. :)

Keep in mind that while you may be able to post as a guest in some areas. depending on the content of your post you may get banned. Primarily sharing links as a guest.

The smartest thing you can do as a Newly Registered Member is Read the content on the website (mainly the rules), and pay attention to all the error messages you may find on your journey around CatchMeOnline you don't have to do this right away, read a bit here and there as you find something worthy of your attention :)
Apr 30, 2014
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