A Member is being a major PITA...

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We don't make it a priority to keep REAL people out of our domain, so it doesn't come as a surprise that there may be one or two Members that get into the website that are total PITA's (also referred to as: Pains In The Buttox.)

We also understand that there are those that have really really bad filter skills, meaning they can't handle it when someone says something remotely smart or logical to them, so they take offence to it.

Assuming you're not just easily offended, read on... :

PITA's are necessary. The reason for this is explained somewhere in the sands of the Database, if you are reading this though it is likely you don't have access to that portion of the domain just yet.

None the less, the PITA usually makes you wanna do this :mad1: this :banghead1: and this :punch1:. Which is not a pleasant experience for anyone witnessing the conversation. Plus firing back is not going to resolve the issue.

We would prefer that our members did a lot of this :party: :clap: :rofl: and even doing this :makeup: this :* and this :inlove: and perhaps eventually falling into a situation like :h:

While we're attempting to make you laugh with our picture story, we understand that this is not going to change the fact that there is a Member that you suggest :finger1: and we can respect your concerns. So here are some of the options you have when experiencing a PITA.
  • Report the content
    • there's a cool report link attached to all content submitted) We will review the report and get back to you with some idea for a resolve.
  • Block the user from contacting you
    • Yes, you may remove any member from being able to view, access, or contact you on our website.
  • Give the user a warning **:rolleyes:**
    • A warning is often enough to result in two things happening.
    1. It gives the person time to consider their actions on the forums, or towards another Member.
    2. It pisses them right off, and they will flip out on you and call you all kinds of names.
  • On our forums, if a Members receives a certain amount of warnings that go against their point level, they will find access & use of the domain is difficult. For obvious reasons these point levels are not defined or shared, and few people have any idea what they do exactly, but there are adverse affects that come into play with warnings.
With this said, abuse of the warning system is not, and will not be tolerated. From any account on the domain. If you are going to issue a warning do so with the understanding that warnings are monitored and any misuse of this part of our domain could lead to your loss of such privilege. As well as any future account advancements.

New people, with no idea how this domain is set up be all like :confused:o_O

If none of the options mentioned above actually work for you CLICK HERE
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Apr 30, 2014
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