Permissions Tier. The Jist of things

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The easiest way to cycle through the permissions/restrictions tier is to provide content to the forums areas that are available to you at the point of logging in, after you have first registered.

The first permissions tier offers a basic view of the content on our website. You will need to review the sticky thread content available in those view-able forums, first, as they explain how to get out of the first permissions tier, and thus granting access to the next area of our website.

As you continue to post content, you are relying on the rest of the community to interact with you on the content you have provided. On other websites, content you provide is available only to the people that you allow it to be viewed by, here we do things a bit different in the fact that we decide what we, as members, want to be available to our members, as members.

You still have the option to treat your account and contents submitted as private and available to only people on your list or that you follow, but you can also change this to allow anyone that wants to see it, to see it, and you have the options to restrict the content you want to see by individual or by topics or niche.

Whether our other members decide to give you likes, or give you warnings, depends solely on the content you provide. We are a fair community, and we aim to remain a positive community for our members. keep this in mind when you read, perceive, and decide to respond to a post.
Jun 18, 2014
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