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Catchmeonline.com is a website, hosted on a web-server, in a Data-Center... somewhere in the Great Big World. We assume you most likely already know the basics to what a website is, so lets get on with the more specific details about this website.

Catchmeonline.com was founded in 2004.

For over a decade the domain has been home to a number of web-scripts for the purpose of testing code, scripts, and to gain a better awareness of all things administration.

So in short, the website seen a lot of nerdy stuff. The great news is that our administration members are now extremely well educated. So pretty much coding, configuring, themes, styles, mods, addons, just a few of the tasks on the list of other cool stuff that a web/server could be used for. Our administration team consist of "self taught individuals.

In 2012, we purchased the Xenforo Forums Boards. Although numerous attempts have been made in past, it was time to actually get serious about the website, and our members. So, with the intention to stabilize our front end, to actually offer a "place to be, chat, and enquire" for not only our small group but also a place for promoters, marketers, system administration, you name it we're about it. The real bonus to our combined knowledge is that we're real people, we use logic.

Real individuals, once new to the admin gig, but like time, our methods to moderation changes, and administration also changes. You reach a point where you can see a lot of wasted time on a process that is not working. So with that we've done a lot of thinking over the years, and we're pretty sure we have a really great idea about how to provide great content to our guests, and members.

Despite the amount of content our databases have seen in the past decade, we have kept a very minimal amount of it. Only the good stuff. It is available on the domain, but not right away, and not to just anyone. If you want to use our domain, want access to our content, and you want to be a part of a community that is Currently "100% Ad Free", then you will need to read our instructions, follow said instructions, and contribute content worthy of being on our domain.

For more information related to our domain, please review the rest of the content within the Frequently Asked section of our FAQ. You may also submit a support ticket to enquire on technical matters (website, servers, administration, repairs, system design, etc). For other site enquiries that you can not find answers to within our help, FAQ, or Support System knowledge base: Please feel free to submit your questions through any of these areas, or use our Contact Us form.
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Jun 21, 2014
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