Resolve Permissions Errors Step #2

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If you encounter errors while navigating catchmeonline it (obviously) means that your current account level does not meet the requirements necessary to access that feature or section of the domain... as of yet.

Keep in mind that while this process you are experiencing may not be of interest to you, it is in fact something that happens here for a few great reasons, and it is something that all of our members have had to go through. This does not mean you can never gain access, it just means you have some more learning about the domain to be done did... mmmKaayyy

Permissions tiers are in place for a number of reasons ranging from, but not limited to:
  • Keeping guests from accessing or using certain sections of our website until they register.
  • Keeping newly registered Members from accessing certain areas until they understand how to use all areas or features that will become available to them.
  • Keeping spammers & Spam bots out of member created information sensitive areas, of the domain.
  • Keeping Spam off the website.
  • To ensure quality content.
  • To minimize abuse or misuse of key website features.
  • To ensure all members have a better understanding of our website, rules, expectations when it comes to using, interacting, and sharing content on our website.

Jul 4, 2014
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