Resolve Permissions Errors Step #3

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Understanding our permissions setup will not only permit you to assist others with gaining access and understanding our website but also permit you to play a key role in ensuring & maintaining quality content within our domain, should you decide you want to be a part of said Quality Control.

As rude as it may sound, the permission guards in place represent somewhat of a lack of faith in or guest, visitor, or new registration's current understanding of our domain and what we want or expect of our members. Again, while this may sound rude (possibly hurting one or two of your feelings along the way) we mean ABSOLUTELY NO INSULT. The reality is that the internet is full of any various of connecting devices, and not always a human... we will explain this even-further as you progress through these FAQ steps.

Until a member has taken the initiative to understand our permissions settings, until they decide to read the errors, they will continue to find access to specific areas being denied, and rightfully so.

Jul 4, 2014
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