Resolve Permissions Errors Step #4

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We've gone to some extensive lengths to set up a website which is (although visually not all that different from most websites) very much different from what other websites will offer you as a Member.

Configuring permissions settings, compiling content to explain how our domain works (such as these steps), testing settings, ensuring functionality as well as ensuring proper and timely execution of the group promotions which are based on a number of factors. etc. etc...

The list of poop we have done here... is large, and (setting up this website) is complicated, to say the least.

HOWEVER: Once again, Understanding why these settings are in place, and how to gain more access so that you may fully enjoy the domain: is not all that complicated. A lot of what you are reading may seem like regurgitated thought, but do you notice how each new question offers you something of value or importance pertaining to the domain.

Jul 4, 2014
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