Resolve Permissions Errors Step #5

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Our website staff are specialists in a variety of areas such as
  1. Technical/computer systems​
  2. Server administration​
  3. Website development​
  4. Marketing & Promotions.​
  5. Networks & Securities
Of course our domain is not limited to these areas of interest, or professions, however, these niche areas are our primary focuses with regards to

We understand there will be members that will register, and never take the time to read through the information provided in the default "permissions denied" blurb they will find when attempting to access most of our website.

We also understand that there will be those that start to read this, but that do not care to be a bigger part of our website, that choice is theirs to make. It is, however, important that you read the information provided, before you can gain feature and content access.

Those that do not take the time to read our notices and be an actual positive (contributing) part of our website.

Jul 4, 2014
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