"It's Broken!"

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Your website... "It's broken..." they all say...

How many times have you heard this, as an administrator, or even just a normal member reading a post on a website created by a guest or new member that can't figure out a feature, or has just joined. In our experience, it is usually never the site that is broken, but the end-user's attention to detail produces the wrong result in the request.

If you have heard this "It's broken"or "It doesn't work" or "I put in the correct answer but it still doesn't work..." and you've heard it as much as I have over the years you, then you may probably be wondering how some people survive some daily tasks.

I know, this kinda sounds rude, doesn't it? well...Meh, we only made such comments to alert those that would say such things to be rude, that we're aware of their requirements and thought processes as well, and we have even acknowledged your importance in the cycle of life, by consideration, which will be obvious to you as you more forward into the domain. The simple answer is that all these things that happen are just that...: Happening.

Within our domain, an attention to detail is important. I myself have had many of my own "uh-duh... I can't believe I missed that logic test right there..." moments. Common error in the registration process or our methods to verifying... outside of the common approach on most websites publicly available.

So you think our domain is broken? Well, while do not doubt you could someday find a broken aspect of our domain, we are aware that our new members are probably very familiarized with other social website layouts or processes. However, not too familiar with our registration, and verification process, but we are certain that these things are all working perfectly fine around here. :)
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Nov 28, 2016
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