Why do kids ask questions, but not listen to answers?

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It was not long ago I too was once a young child. I remember being full of questions, wants, desires for awesome things in my life. The World outside a realm of possibilities and adventure.

Children generally do not want to be bored with our stories no more than you want to be bored with mine as I started it above... more so they don't want to always have to embrace change(s). So they ask a question, they just want a simple answer, not having to stop thinking of what's in their moment and start thinking about the fancy words we use, or thoughts we expect them to understand.

What it really boils down to is which way to the beach and who's this jerk trying to command & conquer and build bricks in a wall? LoL. Kids just want to have fun and be kids.

Sometimes you just gotta let em be kids, that's what all the fighting thru out history has been about, well, that and oil... but freedoms were fought for and kids can be kids..
Completely 100% Random
Dec 20, 2016
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