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Discussion in 'Public Chat' started by Duane, Mar 9, 2017.

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  1. Duane New around these parts New Around Here

    I wanted to make today about being a man, was going to share a post about being a hairy man and having some sort of acceptance for all the fur on my aging body. But, after searching to confirm I was not stealing a very important day from some other trending day, I stumbled upon Checkiday, and found today was already dedicated to women in yet one more clever way...


    I'm not the guy that created this contribution to chekiday.com, just found it to be interesting...

    Don't kill the messenger :)

    Maybe tomorrow can be international Man-fur-day


  2. Dear Sir,
    How do you maintain the fur on your face and body? Electric Shaver or Hot wax?
    And how often do you shave ? I think you sell yourself short by referring to your body as old and hairy.
    From what I can see your torso is in near perfect shape.
    In fact I think a entire section devoted to the upkeep of the modern male , would be something both women and men would greatly appreciate !
    A tasteful pictorial of step by step instructions on shaving from you would help a lot .
    Thank-You for your submission
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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 100 days old.

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