Random Chat The Secret To Astrology... And Cold Out There Sun Days...

Discussion in 'Public Chat' started by DeGrinch, Apr 28, 2017.

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did you find this post by searching the secret to astrology?

  1. Yes, and I know the video you are talking about.

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  1. DeGrinch Change is Awesomahh! New Reg II
    1. BlackPhantom...

    There is a bit of a cold front coming with regards to the people of our city. It's a time to grow, as a community, to a higher state of development and progress as a people.

    Intellectually, Spiritually... Sorry, please pardon me as I was actually just writing this out and got distracted with my friend asking to look up a video on The novel, The Secret... But I decided to add my own twist in there and changed it to the secret of astrology... So, I searched those terms, The Secret of Astrology, and I found this clip of a woman defining something, what I understood to mean, the vortex of ideas and creation in us brings us closer to a need for action to bring us together, as simply defined as possible, my friends interest in a devine connection, my interest in being part of an idea we could both do together, lead us to find a video about a forums of people coming together with ideas and questions and interests. Does that make sense? How do we continue to find that vibrational frequency and achieve greatness at this level, with these technologies, and in order to continue to grow and use these tools or skills to better our communities?

    I have ideas. and plans. I welcome you to use CMO whoever you are, if you happen to have found this place thru searching The Secret Of Astrology.

    Feel free to register and ask for the link to the video. :)

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