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Discussion in 'Gamer Chat' started by CMOADMIN, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Has anyone tried this Game yet? I have just signed up, installed the software, and I am now 5 minutes into game exploration.

    I run a laptop with Ubuntu OS. This game works almost flawlessly so far although there are a few graphics/display issues at present which I think is likely due my system graphics capabilities.

    The default settings are a bit confusing at first, although I am also an experienced MMORPG (WOW, RIFT, EVERQUEST) player, I am used to Right-click(hold) to circulate my view, this is not an option by default. Instead right clicking brings up a standard menu or an object menu. Slightly annoying to say the least.

    For the purpose of communication and interactions with others in the game I created a Female Character by default. Most players are more likely to talk to something female than they are to discuss anything with a male. lol. So here I am trying to figure out the game, and I realize (since I don't know anything at all about this game) I have a shopping bag in my hand. That or a really big white purse. I look like I am ready to walk down the strip, not go tear a strip off a dragon's hind. So the assumption here is that there's not going to be any quests, raids, or objectives that improve or challenge my spell casting abilities in this game, is there?

    I'll keep you folks up to date on my adventures. Maybe even see some of those that I meet there in game, here on our website :)

Thread Status:
This thread is more than 100 days old.

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