Hello to any that may someday partake in our domain activity.

People use the internet for some random things, a majority of it is now fluff and stuffed with an overwhelmingly amount of promotions and marketing material, it's hard to sift thru the BS some days. Questing for real content and a new mind set of people is what we seek, new ways to better days... Good luck with that right?! Nah, not really, it's not impossible to reach a new level while still on the same planet...

We run a number of domains while CMO is our primary, niche (topics) vary, some of our domains have a number of members, some have only one admin working the domain. Kinda went Dr Z there ;) sorry! It ought to go without saying but I will say it anyways "A great deal of time and energy is put into each of the domains, and as time permits us to do so. Pretty basic and straight forward administration work. So now you know a bit about what we do.

As a human being, I often ask myself why...? Why do we...? What is the point to...? Is there purpose to these challenge and hurdles? Is there a reward to or In the end? Do we escape this maze of daily responsibilities, choices, and if we are lucky enough to have options, do we have the energy to explore them after serving everyone elses needs or wants or expectations of us? I look at the day, at the restrictions on me, on all of us, and ask how the fuck do we zip thru this life like a hot knife thru butter, come to understand true value in life, and still have time to get on the internet or have a personal or social life... so after all the general bs in a day just as an individual... Why in the hell do we add this realm of the internet and administration to our struggles?

The only logical answer is building towards a better understanding of, and the desire to be party to the development of: the educational tools offered to humanity thru technological development.

I mean... what other answer is there?

I gotta say though, this digital world is a vital part of what we are as people, it's not an option to give up questing to be a better person, and I will do everything I can to reach a new or different level of intellect and understanding. I can't promise I won't pull some crazy shit, I've done so already numerous times, or at the very least, I will get the people around me to say what may need be said, so that I may get where I may need be.

I may send others to learn what may need be learned in order to better move ahead as a team. Take this as you may. Think of me what you like. We are all capable, we are all able, if we simply have the strength and desire to try.

If you care enough to consider the lives of people around you so much so that you are attentive to their story and hardships, you will learn much of the mentality of the society you live in. Much like a good personal budget or a business plan requires planning so too does the development and construction of the changes we really want to see in the world. We do what we need in order to become better at doing what we enjoy and want to eventually accomplish.

Live Love Learn.