Perfect 925 Slave - Rayn


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I was out and about yesterday, strolling and wondering what the heck to do with my free time, found someone I've been trying to get to record some audio for a year now... and at last our paths crossed and timing was right. So...

This is Rayn playing outside a library with a small bluetooth speaker as an amp... Recorded on a laptop and with a few edits to increase volume and bring out his vocals a bit better. If you like what you're hearing and want to hear more be sure to register and add a comment.

Perfect 925 Rayn (DE)

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If you want to download the track you can right click (or hold) and select save as...

I will be adding some more tracks once they have been edited for length.
What you hear is what it sounded like in the moment with just a small Sony bluetooth acting as a reverb amp running of an android app (tablet). The recording is done with a usb rockband microphone. Pretty simple. I hope you all enjoy the music.

If you like it enough to download please feel free to comment.

Thanks again to Rayn for puttin in the time to exhibit his skills and abilities with his acoustic guitar.

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