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Ok we have seen a bit of traffic from shares of some audio tracks on social media.

The project at hand starts with these recent shares. Follow the bread crumbs of the traffic study the algorithms... Data science... It is all rather time consuming to some degree, uninteresting perhaps... but of interest to me personally so I am grateful to those showing their support and help by sharing links or by contributing content as well.

To those that may come along with an interest in recording live music around their city... We welcome you and ask that you register and join us! We will work with as best we can. When, where, how we can.

Those of you that are looking for another website to promote their abilities in the vast duties to/of productions, we also provide exposure and promote your business if you fit that well within our domain and projects.

At the least we offer a fresh space to promote talent and bring together a solid team of motivated producers of many things in life. In time I see nothing but good to come from our continued growth.

Yes, this is a big net we are casting out onto the World, we want musical producers & promoters from all areas of the planet, and thats just the start

We are hopeful others will see our goals even just with this small project at bringing great music to the domian, and that they will join for the long term outcome.

If you have the time to spend out on the streets, an interest in creating music, please register, you will be just as much a part of our domain as you desire.

Life is what you will it to be, maybe you will, maybe you won't....

~ Degrinchy