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For the sake of trying my best to re integrate -what I believe is- important website content -as it may be over a decade old but a major part of the CMO domain intent, and so it's a vital part of CMO history.

All content posted will include a date of it's existence on the domain if available, and the date or time of posting by this account will be obviously reflected in the post date in this database.

All content shared from previous data sources will obviously comply with our domain privacy guidelines and/or TOS

So with that said, I would like to welcome you to CMO.

Our History

Catchmeonline.com started out as a basic learning space for designing, coding, hosting, etc. Since that time, the Domain name itself has spread amongst the Canadian online community, and has become the play ground for many Canadians. We have grown from a FTP server to Hosting, Designing, and community forums. Our Servers, once based in Toronto, Ontario,are now located in Vancouver, B.C. Through much trial and tribulation, we have exceeded the expectations of many competitive site owners and members. The only place to go from here is forward. Our Administration Department is currently working on gaining local advertisement and endorsement, as well as clothing and event publicity.

Although we currently have a very small member count, contests are already being held, and prizes are being handed out to those who win. Unlike "those other sites", we are true to our word.. How do we cover out costs? Well, that’s personal now, isn’t it? It takes money to make money. Our confidence in the direction of CMO and the future benefits from the hard work put into the site is just that strong. Our prizes are received either through purchase from a store or through donation.

We welcome you to our site, encourage you to rely on us for your hosting, and design needs, and most of all, we look forward to your participation in our community Forums.
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