Wiki Submission Guidelines

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Mar 13, 2016
Wiki Submission Guidelines
  • If you would like to contribute to our Wiki section please read the following information before you submit your content to our website.

    Lets Get a few things straight: is a private, yet publicly accessible, domain, which offers internet users the option to register.

    Registration permits the end-user to access, create, and interact, through various functionality and features.

    These features or functions stem from posting/replying to threads on our forums. Joining, and/or creating public or private groups.

    While some areas of our website are openly viewable to the WWW, some areas of our forums, libraries, and other features are only offered to Members.

    Let Us De-Bunk The Paranoid Mind.

    Yes, our domain name is Catch Me On Line. However, we do not belong to a secret society looking to use your on-line activity for any reason other than to empower and encourage other members or assist them in various positive ways, as/where may be needed through the course of their daily experiences.

    What all of that means is that we simply offer our members the opportunity to access the content within this domain, for the purpose of personal use or education, and not for public disclosure, judgement(s), or any legal purposes.

    We are a community with like minded goals and objectives, our domain DOES NOT consent to nor contribute to providing illegal content.
    We are not ok with any persons posting in any areas : Copyrighted material without following due process(es) pertaining to the content(s) in question.

    More details related to copyright law can be found HERE on the official Wikipedia website.

    When Contributing To Our Wiki:

    It's pretty simple. Use a format that can be read easily, have fun with the WYSIWYG editor and it's functions as well as additional bells and whistles that are available when creating a post or reply.

    If you are successful in the creation of your articles, and we are confident in your abilities to manage the wiki it is likely that we will grant you wiki-admin access.

    This will permit you to access and manage the wiki area of our domain. without limitation.

    How Do I Submit My Content To The Domain?:

    Content submissions can be sent to use through our Support Center, or by use of our Contact Us link (located on the bottom right menu of each page of our domain.

    Please allow 72hrs for our Staff Team to review your submission, and respond with further information.